Is anyone out there under any kind of stress? Probably not right? Of course we’re stressed! There are a lot of problems out there. There are jobs and bills and kids and parents that we all worry about. Once about 20 years ago I was driving back to work from an appointment and I started to get this pain in my chest. I thought I was suffering from acid indigestion. It quickly became a stronger pain. I then began to sweat profusely and my heart began to pound. I began to feel a strong pain in my jaw and it struck me that I might be having a heart attack. The ambulance was called and the hospital ran tests on me and checked me out thoroughly. It turns out that I wasn’t having a heart attack. I was having a stress/angina episode which closely resembled a heart attack. Even though I wasn’t having a heart attack that didn’t mean that I didn’t have a heart problem. I was living my life for myself and no one else. I was selfish and a bit arrogant and rebellious. I was always right and if you disagreed with me well then I would be happy to argue my point.

Jesus calls us out when we live only for ourselves. When we think we’re always right and we are belligerent, self-absorbed, rebellious, prideful, arrogant and commit a multitude of other sins he calls to us to repent. That’s a hard word for us to hear. Repent! It means that we need to turn away from the wrong attitudes and desires that have overtaken us and turn back to God. We don’t like to be called out and we don’t like to be wrong. It’s a heart problem. We love to do what we want to do and not what we should do.

Where is our heart today? Are we living for only our own selfish desires or are we chasing after a Savior who sacrificed it all for us? Only we know what we’re thinking and our inner desires. Do we have a heart problem? May we hear the call of Jesus to repent and turn away from the very things that give us heart problems.

In Christ, Pastor Joe

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